Saidera Paradiso Ltd., located at the cultural/music heart of Tokyo, is the parent company of Saidera Records along with an independent studio and lab founded in 1996 by Producer, Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer and Recording Artist Seigen Ono. It works with the newest DSD audio equipment and with world-class engineers and producers and features Jazz, Classical, Tango, Samba, World Music, Experimental and Soundscapes in DSD. 

Audio recording and mastering engineer Seigen Ono developed applications for live performances, high-resolution audio, 1-bit DSD, 3D surround sound with a height dimension, acoustic spaces, and more. We're proud to bring the results of his audio mastery to you in Stereo and Multichannel DSD

Latest releases

  • Azusa Yamada and Pearl Alexander at Sakaiki 2016
  • Alexander, Yamada
  • Azusa Yamada and Pearl Alexander at Sakaiki 2015
  • Alexander, Azusa Yamada, Yamada
  • KUU Tour 2016
  • Lloyd, McHugh, Yamada
  • Ethnic Minority at SDM Live 2015
  • Coleman, Yokota
  • Fuga Lynx
  • Bach
  • Live at Montreux 93/94
  • Seigen Ono, Seigen Ono / Arto Lindsay, Seigen Ono / Jill Jaffe